Range Rover Classic Wheel Gearboxes

Individually designed for the Land Rover Classic, a production kit fitted to the factory axles and brake system. 

By increasing ground clearance by 130 mm and lowering the transmission ratio by 35%, the WEREWOLF wheel reducers allow you to improve the vehicle's off-road capability, increase torque and relieve the load on the transmission at the same time. As well as to install a central boost system (see below). 

Technical Specifications:

  • Clearance increase + 130 mm
  • Gear ratio 1 : 1,35 
  • Recommended wheel size 38"
  • Min wheel size 16"
  • Wheel mounting 6 x 139.7
  • Required wheel offset ET 60(40)
  • Maximum speed 120 km/h

Contents of the kit

  • Wheel gear 4pcs
  • Bracket front 2pcs
  • Ball bearing 2pcs
  • Rear bracket 2pcs
  • Front half axle 2pcs
  • Front half axle 2pcs
  • CV-joint 2pcs

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