About Us

DV MAX Company - 

is engaged in the production of tuning units for off-road vehicles:
- Bolt-on gantry gearboxes
- Оrganizers
- Expedition trunks
- Central suspension systems

Production of Wheel Gearboxes  

DV MAX portals are designed by engineers and designers for heavy-duty applications and manufactured with high-precision modern equipment. Therefore, the reliability of DV MAX products is a measurable and inherent value in the design, which we guarantee. 

Tuning Center

Preparation of off-road vehicles for expeditions, hunting, extreme off-roading, or competitions.

  • Repair and tuning of transmission, engine and running gear.
  • Rebuilding and strengthening the body and frame.
  • Fabrication of power dodgers.
  • Individual selection of tuning parts.

We are experts, not just enthusiasts

The quality of DV MAX products is the result of many years of experience in the production of transmission units and metalworking.


Individual consultations on all issues.
We will find and offer a solution for any problem and for any vehicle

A record-breaking assortment

For more than 20 models of Toyota, Nissan, Jeep, Land Rover, Suzuki, Mercedes, wheel gearbox mounting kits have been developed.